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WARP 9 / E-Moto Front Fender Adapter

WARP 9 / E-Moto Front Fender Adapter

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  • Description

    This adapter allows you to mount an original Sur-Ron or Talaria front mudguard on a Warp 9 Stem Block .

    Only works with inverted forks : DNM, Manitou Dorado , KKE, Fastace ALX , EXT Ferro , etc.
    It will not work on non-inverted MTB forks such as Fox 40, Bomber 58, Suntour RUX, Ohlins...

  • Features

    - 2 cone-head screws to mount the adapter on the stem block.
    - To mount the mudguard to the adapter you will need the 3 M6 x 16mm screws and 3 M6 x 10mm washers from the original mudguard (not included) .

  • Strong points

    - Allows you to mount the original mudguard

    - High quality finish

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

We are very happy to be able to continue to fit the original mudguard even while having updated our cockpit!