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  • Description

    The EXT FERRO is designed by Extreme Shox and has been specially developed for electric motorcycles . This is not a mountain bike fork. This fork is the most efficient on the market. It will allow you to rediscover your motorcycle and be safe . The fork is very sensitive to smooth the terrain and is also capable of withstanding the biggest shocks . Equipped with all the latest technology from EXT, you will have a real motorcycle fork. Anti-cavitation system, automatic cartridge purge, CGB guide ring.

  • Features

    - Motorcycle triple clamps in 7000 aluminum

    - Weight of 4.8Kg

    - 205mm of travel

    - 36mm plungers in 7000 aluminum and 42CrMo4 heat treatment for maximum rigidity and minimum friction

    - Adjustment of high speed (HSC) and low speed (LSC) compressions

    - Low speed rebound (LSR) adjustment

    - HS3 system 2 adjustable positive air chambers + 1 negative air chamber

    - 20mm axle, 200mm brake assembly

    - High pressure pump supplied

  • Strong points

    - Designed specifically for light electric motorcycles

    - Great rigidity

    - High quality finish

    - High sensitivity

    - Important hydraulic support

    - Numerous hydraulic adjustments for a perfect fit to your riding

    - Easily adjustable

    - Compatible with Sur-Ron Light Bee , Talaria Sting, LMX 161, DRill One, ...

    - Carried out from design to assembly in the Extreme Shox factory in Italy

"Jo & Will's Word"

Honestly, I expected the fork to be crazy. I really tested everything on the Sur-Ron : Bos, Fox, Marzo, Ohlins, DVO, Suntour, Manitou, Fast Ace, Talaria factory, But here, I feel like I'm on my DH . It filters all the small shocks , does not dive when it becomes a little more brittle and on big impacts , it is comfortable . The bike is stable and coupled with the Arma MX , we don't take any shocks. In addition, with the double air chamber system, you can really adjust it as you want depending on use.