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Manitou Dorado Expert fork (Air)

Manitou Dorado Expert fork (Air)

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  • Description

    The new Manitou Dorado is one of the best forks for light electric motorcycles. It offers the best performance/quality/price ratio. The new chassis as well as the new 37mm stanchions offer a perfect balance between rigidity and comfort. The hydraulic cartridge has one rebound and two compression adjustments, allowing you to adjust the fork according to your expectations. Inverted forks are the most efficient on electric motorcycles because they have greater sensitivity and frontal rigidity.

  • Features

    - Plungers : 37 mm in 6000 Series Aluminum

    - Travel : 203 mm

    - Sheaths : 6000 Series Aluminum

    - Tees : Forged

    - Fork height : 602 mm

    - Damping technology : Air spring

    - High and low speed compression settings

    - High and low speed rebound settings

    - Axle : 20 mm x 110 mm Boost

    - Disc size : 203 mm post mount, 223 mm max

    - Weight : 3120g

    - 29" if available otherwise 27.5"

  • Strong points

    - Finish quality

    - Very sensitive

    - Gain in comfort

    - More secure

    - Lightens and raises the front of the motorcycle

    - Multiple settings

    - Compatible with Sur-Ron Light Bee , Talaria Sting and LMX 161

    - Air forks, compared to spring forks, are progressive (reduction in bottoming out) and adjustable easily, quickly and very precisely according to your weight.

    - The fork comes with : Boost disc adapter, black Manitou Dorado stickers and fork star

"Jo & Will's Word"

The fork change really impressed us. It allows you to lighten the front of the motorcycle, gain enormously in sensitivity, comfort and you feel safe. The Manitou Dorado is the fork with the best quality/price ratio that we have tried. Its sensitivity will smooth out small shocks, giving you less arm pain and making the motorcycle more stable. It also absorbs big shocks very well, allowing you not to be destabilized on hazardous receptions. Its frontal rigidity is very pleasant and its lateral flexibility forgives you any trajectory errors.