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WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee Rear Brake Disc

WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee Rear Brake Disc

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  • Description

    The HOPE Tech 4 Brake Bleeding Kit is specially designed to ensure precise and professional bleeding of your TECH 4 V4 . It includes everything you need to regain excellent braking . By completing the bleeding of your brake, you eliminate air bubbles and restore optimal performance and safety .

  • Features

    - Specific cover for Tech 4

    - Purge jar

    - Jar cap

    - Bleed nozzle and hose

    - Bottle of DOT 5.1 capacity 250ml

  • Strong points

    - Allows you to easily replace your used DOT

    - Removes air bubbles

    - Restores responsive and precise braking

"Jo & Will's Word"

Having good braking is essential in order to feel safe . This is why it is important to maintain your braking system when the fluid is loaded with impurities and air bubbles form .