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Hope Tech 4 V4 Brakes (Pair)

Hope Tech 4 V4 Brakes (Pair)

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  • Description

    The Hope Tech 4 V4 brakes are some of the best brakes available on the market. Perfectly suited to electric motorcycles , they have incredible braking power . The brake has two adjustment dials to perfectly adjust the braking according to your requirements. These brakes offer you constant and efficient braking thanks to excellent heat resistance, giving total confidence for your long enduro outings or your numerous laps of the cross circuit.

  • Features

    - Fully CNC machined from aluminum

    - Aviation hoses

    - 4-piston steel caliper (2x16mm and 2x18mm)

    - Adjustment of pad attack (contact point) and lever guard (distance)

    - DOT 4 or 5.1 brake fluid

    - High resistance aviation hose

  • Strong points

    - Great braking power (reduction of pain in the fingers or forearms)

    - Great resistance to heat (constant braking during use)

    - Linear braking (force applied to the lever proportional to the braking pressure)

    - Adjustable ergonomic levers (without tools)

    - Spare parts available for 10 years

"Jo & Will's Word"

Having good braking is essential in order to feel safe . We installed high-end brakes so that you can brake as late as possible before a turn or attack all the way down a big descent without fear. I really like the new Hope Tech 4. They are very progressive and the power control is very precise!