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Wiring Harness + Trigger Regen TORP / SUR-RON Light Bee

Wiring Harness + Trigger Regen TORP / SUR-RON Light Bee

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Wiring harness for TC500/TC1000 controller for Sur-Ron Light Bee / TM25 , compatible with thumb throttle and Torp display .

Torp's progressive thumb braking system is designed to provide an optimal braking experience on long descents , this system has significant benefits in terms of saving pads and discs .

This trigger allows users to efficiently recover energy , thereby helping to extend the battery of their SUR-RON or TALARIA.

Please note that optimal use of this feature requires updating the TORP application to its most recent version.

Please note that the wiring harness is included in the package with the TC500 / TC1000 Controller Kit for Sur-Ron Light Bee .


- The TC500 Quick Installation Manual

- The Display Torp Installation Manual

- The Complete TC500 Manual

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