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EXT Arma MX / E-Moto shock absorber

EXT Arma MX / E-Moto shock absorber

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  • Description

    The EXT Arma MX is designed by Extreme Shox and has been specially developed for electric motorcycles . This shock absorber is the most efficient on the market. It will allow you to rediscover your motorcycle and be safe . The shock absorber is very sensitive to smooth the terrain and is also capable of absorbing the biggest shocks thanks to its hydraulic stop. You won't even feel when your shock absorber is bottoming out. If you want the best cushioning experience on your motorcycle, combine it with the EXT FERRO .

  • Features

    - Solid 7075T6 aluminum head

    - Chrome steel shock absorber rod

    - Specific eyelets with ball joints

    - Adjustment of high speed (HSC) and low speed (LSC) compressions

    - Low speed rebound (LSR) adjustment

    - Progressivity of the adjustable end of stroke (HBC)

    - High flow piston

    - Powerful negative spring

    - Shock absorber size: 267*89

  • Strong points

    - High quality finish

    - High sensitivity

    - Great reduction in tailgating

    - Important hydraulic support

    - Numerous hydraulic adjustments for a perfect fit to your riding

    - Easily adjustable

    - Compatible with Sur-Ron LightBee , Talaria Sting

    - Carried out from design to assembly in the Extreme Shox factory in Italy

"Jo & Will's Word"

After having tried numerous shock absorbers, it is clear: the EXT Arma MX is the most efficient shock absorber. All shock absorbers are intended to be mounted on downhill bikes. Here we have a real shock absorber for an electric motorcycle and it absorbs a lot. With him, we are confident and we are not afraid of being surprised.