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Replacement screw for Warp9 / E-Moto stem lock

Replacement screw for Warp9 / E-Moto stem lock

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  • Replacement Screw for Warp 9 Racing Stem Lock
  • New design with Torx T45 recess compared to the old Allen recess
  • Black anodized 7075T6 aluminum

Note : we recommend applying “Anti Seize” type lubricating paste over 2.5cm at the end of the thread.

Do you regularly have play in the steering? This is linked to the star which rises in the pivot of the fork during high stress. The Warp 9 stem lock compresses the steering directly from the bottom of the pivot. Thus the risk of the steering becoming loose is greatly reduced . It also allows you to mount the original mudguard on any inverted fork .

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