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STARK Varg / 60 or 80hp

STARK Varg / 60 or 80hp

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The STARK Varg is equally well suited to amateurs and professionals thanks to its adjustable power up to 80hp for the Alpha version, making it the most powerful motocross bike in the world!

Whether you make it a 125 or 450 equivalent, the Varg promises a completely different way of riding , preserved sensations and unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to the ease of electric riding.

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  • Description

    Are you more 450cc , 250cc or even 125cc ? 2 stroke or 4 stroke ? A mix of all of this perhaps?
    The Stark Varg allows you a multitude of adjustments to adapt to all types of riding !

    The Stark Varg motocross bike is the most versatile and accomplished in the world in its category. It is easily customizable to suit your skills and driving style on any circuit . The Stark VARG app allows you to create up to 100 different riding modes , with five modes already permanently configured on the motorcycle.

    The Stark also generates 30% more power compared to a typical 450cc four-stroke motorcycle, giving it 80 hp and 938 Nm of torque at the rear wheel.

    If you feel like quickly adjusting your riding style, the Stark VARG app lets you fine-tune power , engine braking , traction control and virtual flywheel directly from your screen or phone iOS or Android. This complete and intuitive tool allows you to take complete control of your motorcycle and your driving.

    The Stark VARG offers you a range similar to a 450cc when fully fueled, with a battery with a capacity of 6kWh . A full charge takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the outlet and charger. A fully recharged Stark VARG battery will allow you to complete a full run in MXGP mode or enjoy up to 6 hours of peaceful riding .

    Stark VARG 's innovative flying V battery design features a lightweight magnesium honeycomb structure (patent pending), which connects each cell directly to the case. The high conductivity of the air-cooled housing ensures a stable and uniform temperature, eliminating the unnecessary weight of liquid cooling. The most energy dense battery in the world. The honeycomb battery case architecture ensures an extremely strong, lightweight and compact structure, contributing to the VARG's smooth driving experience . You have the freedom to ride anywhere, at any time, all without noise pollution . Piloting that brings you closer to nature and helps you make the most of your environment.

    The Stark Varg weighs 118 kg , making it a lightweight motocross bike. In addition, its electric powertrain has only a fraction of the inertia of a gasoline engine, which provides a feeling of lightness when driving , but also great maneuverability .

    Thanks to an integrated engine casing as a structural component, Stark Future has developed a chassis that is almost 50% lighter than that of the competition, while maintaining the same or even higher resistance properties and optimized flexibility properties.

    To produce the best motocross bike, Stark analyzed all of today's best performing motocross bikes. This approach allowed them to design a better chassis, offering better vertical and lateral flexibility and better torsion, ideal for efficient and quality driving.

    In partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch , the Stark VARG suspension offers 310mm of travel for both the fork and rear suspension. There are seven different base settings for riders with a weight difference of 5kg, meaning you can choose the right suspension for your weight and riding style.

    The Stark Varg requires a very low level of maintenance . Cheaper maintenance: No fuel, fewer spare parts, less time spent on maintenance, more time to ride.

  • Options

    • Rear wheel : 18 inches; 19 inches
    • Power : 60hp as standard; Alpha 80hp option + €1000
    • Kayaba suspensions : Adjustment adapted to your weight, in increments of 5kg
    • Rear brake : Foot; On the handlebars
    • Side stand : + 100€
    • Color of plastics : Red; Gray ; White
  • Strong points

    - The most powerful motocross bike in the world!

    - Simplicity of piloting thanks to the handlebar brakes

    - Very well distributed weight

    - 938Nm of torque

    - Fast charging accepted

    - A high-end motorcycle, no modifications needed to ride efficiently

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  • Max power : 60 or 80hp depending on the version
  • Weight: 118kg
  • Engine torque : 938 Nm
  • Battery capacity : 360V – 6000Wh
  • Charging time : 1 to 2 hours
  • Suspensions : KYB, 310mm front/rear travel, suspensions adjusted according to the buyer's weight, before delivery
  • Engine maps : more than 100
  • Regenerative braking : Adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Fast charging : Adjustable up to 10A
  • Settings : Engine brake, power curve, traction control, flywheel
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