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Spank Spoon 60 hanger

Spank Spoon 60 hanger

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  • Description

    The Spank Spoon 60 handlebar offers the best quality/price ratio. Very robust , it provides you with a reliable cockpit. Its high rise allows you to have a very pleasant position whether you are sitting or standing on the motorcycle. If you want an even higher Spank handlebar then you can go for the Spank Spoon 800 !

  • Features

    - Made from super 6 aluminum

    - Width : 785mm

    - Diameter : 31.8 mm

    - Upsweep : 5°

    - Backsweep : 10°

    - XGT technology (conical tube thinner on the outside and thicker in the center)

  • Strong points

    - Gain in comfort

    - High resistance to stress

    - The best quality/price ratio

    - Very good weight/rigidity ratio

    - High quality finish

"Jo & Will's Word"

Position is essential in order to fully enjoy your motorcycle outings. Raising the cockpit is the first thing to do when you buy an electric motorcycle. We both ride a Spank handlebar with a 75mm rise to have a perfect riding position in addition to a great gain in comfort and endurance .