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WARP 9 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee Rear Wheel

WARP 9 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee Rear Wheel

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Manufacturing time: 3 to 4 weeks. Wheel orders take place on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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  • Description

    The Warp 9 wheels will allow you to take any trail or attack any cross track without fearing for them. They are very resistant and rigid. Their customization is endless and Warp 9 is the only company to offer the wheelset with discs and crown . Wide choice of colors and sizes, you will definitely find a combination that suits you.

  • Features

    - 700 series aluminum rim

    - Stainless steel spokes and aluminum spoke heads

    - 7075 T6 aluminum hub

    - Stainless steel brake disc included

    - Optional 7075 T6 aluminum crown

  • Strong points

    - Very high resistance to stress

    - Great rigidity

    - The Warp 9 wheels are perfect for intensive sports use.

    - Unlimited customization

    - High quality finish

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

It's very simple, since we have the WARP 9 wheels , we have not had to re-tighten our spokes and have not had the slightest dent on our rims! We opted for a 19/16" kit which gives us greater maneuverability , grip and comfort and we can no longer do without it.

Also available for Talaria Sting and Sur-Ron Ultra Bee !

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