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Saddle Riser V2 WARP 9 / SUR-RON Light Bee

Saddle Riser V2 WARP 9 / SUR-RON Light Bee

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  • Description

    If you are over 1m75 tall, the saddle riser may be essential for you. The part that fits at the battery cover is made of HDPE plastic with an insert to facilitate installation. It is machined so that it covers the lid latch to keep mud out so your latch continues to work.

  • Features

    - Raises the saddle by 6.35cm

    - Moves the saddle back 2.5cm

    - All mounting hardware is included
    - Installation tools included
    - Blue thread lock included

  • Strong points

    - The right side bracket is machined with threaded holes to mount a pump .

    - The left side bracket has a machined notch to hold the tail light wire in place so it is not pinched by the battery

"Jo's Word"

Since I mounted a seat raiser, I feel like on a real motorcycle , what comfort!