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WARP 9 / TALARIA Sting Rear Disc Guard

WARP 9 / TALARIA Sting Rear Disc Guard

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  • Description

    The WARP 9 Rear Disc Protector is designed to prevent you from damaging your brake disc. It will protect it against stones and stumps. The ingenious latch design makes it easier for you to mount the rear wheel.

  • Features

    - Designed in aluminum

    - Protects discs up to 220mm

    - Includes screws and spacers to mount 220mm discs

    - Ingenious rear wheel housing design

  • Strong points

    - Protects the rear discs

    - High impact resistance

    - Easy assembly of the rear wheel

    - High quality finish

    - Made from design to finish in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

Have you ever twisted a brake disc? We do. And there's nothing more frustrating when going out. The Warp 9 rear disc protection is one of the parts that allows us to ride with complete peace of mind . And what a joy to be able to slide the rear wheel so easily to install it!