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Direct Mount WARP 9 RACING / E-Moto Stem

Direct Mount WARP 9 RACING / E-Moto Stem

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  • Description

    Introducing the ultimate Direct Mount stem . Warp 9 designed this stem to offer the most precise cockpit possible, while offering a raised position . You can change the height with the spacers provided and install an MX handlebar (28.6mm).

    NOTE : Once the stock stem is removed, you will need to purchase 1 ⅛ head tube spacers to make up the difference. You can use the Warp 9 stem lock which includes spacers or get Spank spacers !

  • Features

    - Length of 10mm

    - Additional rise of 20mm

    - Manufactured from a block of 7075T aluminum

    - Adapter provided for 28.6mm handlebars (MX handlebar type)

    - Suitable for 31.8m handlebars (mountain bike handlebar type)

    - Screws included for top and bottom mounting of the stem

  • Strong points

    - Position higher than the original position of the Sur-Ron stem

    - Great rigidity and steering precision

    - Adaptable to Fox, Manitou, EXT MX, RST, DNM, DVO & KKE and all standard forks.

    - Adapted titanium screws on sale on the site!

    - High quality finish

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA.

"Jo & Will's Word"

If you like performance , then you need a direct mount stem. This combines ultra-rigid cockpit typical of direct mount, but also adapted height that you normally only have with a classic stem!