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19" Rear Tire Dunlop MX33R GEOMAX 100/90-19 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee

19" Rear Tire Dunlop MX33R GEOMAX 100/90-19 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee

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  • Description

    The Dunlop Geomax MX33R tire is one of the best tires . It will perfectly replace your original SUR-RON Ultra Bee rear tire. It has an excellent weight/performance ratio, something very important for our light electric motorcycles in order to avoid losing autonomy and power . It is perfect for enduro and cross riding. The MX33R studs will give you incredible grip on the front wheel and better shock absorption, but also very good traction on the rear wheel. No more loss of grip , power not going to the ground or inner tube pinching at low pressure .

  • Features

    - Terrains: soft, muddy and intermediate

    - Dimensions: 100/90-19

    - Weight: 5300g

    - Assembly: 19" inner tube

    - Approval: Not road approved

    - Load index: 57

    - Speed ​​index: M

    - Composition : Soft, Intermediate

  • Strong points

    - More grip

    - Better traction

    - Good durability

    - Excellent weight/performance ratio

    - Much more rigid carcass than original

    - Reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube when descending under pressure

    - Developed by Dunlop . One of the best tire manufacturers

"Jo & Will's Word"

It took us a while to find the perfect tires to offer you and it wasn't easy. But we are happy to be able to provide a product that meets our expectations. The Michelin Starcross tires are, for example, very good tires, but they are among the heaviest and they absorb power and reduce the motorcycle's range . After trying numerous tires, we finally found the right fit for our wheels (sorry tires). The MX33s are very efficient but also light . Changing tires is one of the improvements that most changes the driving experience . Having good tires means having more peace of mind, whether for your safety , but also for the equipment in order to avoid puncturing or damaging the wheel with a tire that is too soft. Here you can go. If your front wheel slips, it won't be the tire's fault.