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Elvedes brake pads - Magura MT5/7

Elvedes brake pads - Magura MT5/7

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  • Description

    Elvedes semi-metallic/carbon brake pads are the best performing for light electric motorcycles. Equipped with a mixture of sintered metal , carbon and Kevlar , they are recommended for the most demanding outings in all conditions (dry / wet / dusty / muddy).

  • Features

    - Brand compatibility : Magura MT5 and MT7

    - Pin Provided : Yes

    - Screws Provided : Yes

    - Spring Provided : Yes

    - Trim Type : Semi Metallic

    - Type of Support : Steel

  • Strong points

    - Excellent bite

    - High heat resistance

    - Great durability

    - Semi-metallic/carbon trim

    - Compatibility with multiple brands

    - Pre-ground inserts

"Jo & Will's Word"

We use Elvedes semi-metallic pads regularly because they allow us to attack safely . Even during long enduro outings or numerous cross country tours we know that we can trust them.