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Aluminum Sprocket WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee

Aluminum Sprocket WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee

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  • Description

    The Warp 9 pinion will allow you to modify the torque of your electric motorcycle. The larger the pinion size, the less torque , but the more the top speed will be increased. If you change sprocket and/or ring gear size , you may need to change your channel .

  • Features

    - Made of hardened steel
    - Black coating
    - Standard size 14 teeth perfect for replacing a worn original sprocket
    - 15 tooth size ideal if you want a higher top speed and greater autonomy by lowering your engine speed, which also translates into less torque

  • Strong points

    - Great longevity

    - Manufacturing quality

    - The 15-tooth sprocket allows the chain to move away from the sprocket screws, which improves the fluidity of the transmission line

"Jo & Will's Word"

When the chain kit wears out, users of light electric motorcycles often only change the crown and/or the chain . However, the secondary gear hidden behind the arm is just as important and needs to be changed after a certain time. The advantage of the WARP 9 sprocket is that it is available in 2 sizes in addition to being more resistant than the original, all for a reasonable price .