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WARP 9 Multi-Tool

WARP 9 Multi-Tool

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  • Description

    Warp 9 has specially developed this multifunction tool for the Sur-Ron Light-Bee . Whether you are at home or lost in the forest, it will allow you to change an inner tube and tighten a wheel or swingarm axle easily.

  • Features

    - Made from forged aluminum

    - 2 tire levers per kit

    - Black anodizing

    - The 1st tire lever integrates the 4-tooth recess provided for the swinging arm axle

    - The 2nd tire lever includes a 17mm recess provided for the rear wheel nut

  • Strong points

    - High resistance to stress

    - Even in the middle of the forest, you can perform a belt or inner tube replacement with just 2 Allen keys and the Warp 9 tire changer kit

    - High quality finish

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

We all know that the belt is the sore point of the Sur-Ron LightBee. The idea of ​​breaking it in the forest far from home doesn't appeal to anyone, but it's better to plan ahead and be able to install a new one in the event of a problem. Also ideal for changing tires!