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Peaty's Loam Foam Cleaner 1L

Peaty's Loam Foam Cleaner 1L

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  • Description

    Peaty's Loam Foam is an ultra effective cleanser . This slightly viscous liquid will cling to mud and dirt in order to dissolve it so that it comes off your motorcycle more easily when cleaning. It is 100% biodegradable , non-toxic and anti-corrosive. Plus, it smells like fresh mint! It is not at all contaminating for pads , discs and plastics .

  • Features and highlights

    - Packaging : Bottle/Can

    - Capacity : 1 L

    - Leave on for 4/5 minutes then simply rinse with water, for a professional and impeccable result.

    - Dual function spray: mist mode or foam mode!

    - 200ml refill line printed on the bottle to facilitate filling with concentrate .

"Jo & Will's Word"

We particularly appreciate our electric motorcycles and we take great care of them. Whether for the pleasure of the eyes, but also for the mechanics, it is important to keep motorcycles clean and maintained.