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MOTUL MC CARE P2 Brake Cleaner

MOTUL MC CARE P2 Brake Cleaner

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MOTUL brake cleaner is a high-end product that will allow you to effectively clean your brakes .

It removes all fatty substances (oil, grease) and dirt (mud) to restore the reliability of your braking and protect your equipment from premature wear.

  • For use on discs and the pads of brake
  • Degrease And cleans very efficiently
  • No more brakes that squeak
  • Packaging : Aerosol
  • Capacity: 400mL

Shake before use. Spray from a short distance on the surfaces to be degreased . Focus on very dirty parts. Evaporates very quickly. MOTUL BRAKE CLEAN being very powerful, do not use it on plastics, paints and varnishes.

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