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EXT suspension lubricant

EXT suspension lubricant

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  • Description

    This 100% synthetic high performance EXT lubricant allows you to lubricate the plungers of your forks and shock absorbers.

    Developed by EXT for the WRC, it will lubricate your wiper seals to increase their lifespan and reduce friction for a more sensitive suspension.

  • Features

    - 100ml bottle

    - Compatible with all suspensions (fork and shock absorbers)

  • Strong points

    - Allows you to maintain the sensitivity of your suspensions

    - Allows you to clean the wiper seals of your suspensions

    - Allows you to increase the lifespan of the wiper seals and plungers of your suspensions

"Jo & Will's Word"

Every two or three outings, we clean our wiper seals with EXT lubricant . This allows us to continue to maintain high-performance suspensions and not be afraid of premature wear of the joints or the plungers.