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MOTUL MC CARE C3 Off-Road Chain Lubricant

MOTUL MC CARE C3 Off-Road Chain Lubricant

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MOTUL MC CARE C3 is an off-road motorcycle chain lubricant . It will quickly allow you to thoroughly maintain your transmission. It does not stick to sand or soil. Use without moderation to avoid premature wear.

Perfectly compatible with O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring O-ring chain joints.

Capacity: 400mL

Reduces friction and reduces power losses.

Increases chain life .

Resists water and protects the chain against rust .

No action on the O-rings.

Contains a solvent to remove deposits and penetrate well between the axles.

Colored in fluorescent yellow for ease of application.

  • Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN ​​CLEAN .
  • Shake before use.
  • Apply to the inside of the chain along its entire length : This is easy to spot due to the dye.
  • MOTUL CHAIN ​​LUBE OFF ROAD adheres perfectly to the chain after a few minutes .

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