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Lubricant / Anti-Corrosion / Penetrating Oil MOTUL EZ LUBE

Lubricant / Anti-Corrosion / Penetrating Oil MOTUL EZ LUBE

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EZ LUBE multi-purpose fluid lubricant for cars, motorcycles , boating, cycling, DIY, etc. Lubricates all mechanisms , levers , cables , axles and brake, clutch, shock absorber , bicycle chains , etc.

Don't forget to re-lubricate joints dried out by pressure steam washing. Protects against corrosion by depositing a protective film Engine, exhaust pipes, off-road motorcycle frame , outboard motor, unprotected metal parts, etc. Repels water and humidity from electrical circuits , spark plugs, anti-parasite spark plug cables, starters, etc. Unlocks oxidized nuts , bolts, cables, locks, mechanical systems, etc.

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