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Titanium Screw Kit for WARP 9 / TALARIA Sting TL3000 Chassis

Titanium Screw Kit for WARP 9 / TALARIA Sting TL3000 Chassis

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  • Description

    Here is the ultimate titanium hardware kit for the TALARIA Sting TL3000 (MX3)! The kit includes the screws:

    ! ATTENTION ! Some screws will not be compatible with the Sting TL4000 (MX4)

    Left rear engine mount (Qty 1)
    Front left engine mount (Qty 1)
    Right side engine mount (Qty 2)
    Footrest Pivot (Qty 2 pin/washer/C-clip)
    Subframe (Qty 4)
    Brake Calipers (Qty 4)
    Footrest Support (Qty 4)
    Speed ​​Controller (Qty 4)
    Headlight Bracket (Qty 4)
    Horn Cover (Qty 3)
    Accelerator (Qty 2)
    Headlight (quantity 2 bolts/washers)
    Brake Bar Clamp (Qty 4)
    Chain guide (Qty 2)
    Swingarm Mudguard (Quantity 2 Bolts/Washers)
    Swingarm Brake Hose Support (Qty 1)
    Front skid plate (Qty 2)
    Rear skid plate (quantity 2 bolts/nuts)
    Rear Fender (Qty 3)
    Rear saddle (Qty 2 nuts)
    Front saddle (Qty 2)
    Battery cover (2 pin/washer/C-clip)
    Battery Top Cover (Qty 2)
    Key Switch (Qty 2)
    Battery tray above engine (Qty 3)
    Right side engine cover (Qty 3)
    Rear Battery Cover (Qty 6)
    Removable thread lock (Qty 1)

  • Features and Strengths

    - Titanium is 45% lighter than aluminum

    - Titanium is much stronger than aluminum

    - Includes two pipettes of blue threadlocker

    - High resistance to stress

    - Very light

    - Will not rust or corrode

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

It's clearly not essential , but if you can spend lavishly, it's really the icing on the cake! In any case, we love the titanium screws from Warp 9!