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WARP 9 RACING / TALARIA STING Titanium Suspension Screw Kit

WARP 9 RACING / TALARIA STING Titanium Suspension Screw Kit

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  • Description

    This titanium screw kit for the TALARIA Sting suspension system is the solution for driving with complete peace of mind. As usual, Warp 9 offers us here something to replace the original screws with too long threads which tend to break. There is now no longer any fear , you can send without restraint!

  • Features

    - No more threaded elements inside the suspension system. Only the end of the screws is designed to accommodate the nut

    - Shock Absorber / Frame Bolt

    - Tie Rod / Swinging Arm Bolt

    - Linkage / Shock absorber bolt

    - Link / Triangle bolt

    - Triangle/Frame Bolt

  • Strong points

    - High resistance to stress
    - Extremely light

    - Strengthens your suspension system and further protects its bearings
    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

The Warp 9 titanium suspension hardware kit is one of the parts that allows us to ride without having to worry about breaking the original ones and risking damaging the shock absorber or the frame of our TALARIA Sting .