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WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee Rear Wheel

WARP9 / SUR-RON Light Bee Rear Wheel

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  • Description

    Give a new function to your Sur-Ron Light Bee with the Super Motard 17" street wheel kit ! The latter includes all the components necessary for riding on the road and will be much more suitable and safer than the all-terrain kit of origin .

  • Features

    - CST road tires
    - Complete wheels with rims , hubs and spokes

    - 2 front wheel spacers
    - Front tire: 70/90-17

    - Rear tire: 90/80-17

    Please note: crown, discs and chain not included.

"Jo & Will's Word"

The advantage of the Sur-Ron is its ability to do everything . And what pleasure we have in changing the wheel kit (in 20 minutes ) to go racing on the karting circuit !