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Elvedes Blue Mineral Brake Fluid for Magura (100 / 250ml)

Elvedes Blue Mineral Brake Fluid for Magura (100 / 250ml)

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  • Description

    ELVEDES mineral Magura brake fluid allows you to regain optimal braking quality by bleeding your brakes. It is necessary to use this brake fluid if you wish to maintain the warranty on your Magura brakes.

  • Features & strengths

    - Packaging : Bottle/Can

    - Capacity : 100 or 250ml

    - Magura MT compatible (5/5e/7)

    - High heat resistance

"Jo & Will's Word"

We particularly appreciate our electric motorcycles and we take great care of them. Whether for the pleasure of the eyes, but also for the mechanics, it is important to keep motorcycles clean and maintained. Brake maintenance is essential in order to maintain effective braking.