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ATF MOTUL Engine Cooling Oil / SUR-RON Light Bee

ATF MOTUL Engine Cooling Oil / SUR-RON Light Bee

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  • Description

    Originally, there is no oil in the engine . This means that all the air present in the engine will heat up . Since cooling is carried out only by air , only the air in contact with the engine structure will be cooled and the air in the middle will have difficulty dropping in temperature. The addition of oil will initially allow heat to be captured , but also during engine rotation, this will be projected onto the engine structure. The heat now being placed on the edges of the engine, it can be evacuated more easily . In addition, adding oil will protect your engine from corrosion if humidity or water infiltrates.

  • Instructions

    1. Flatten the motorcycle

    2. Remove the belly pan

    3. Unscrew the 2 front screws of the motor to rotate it slightly and gain access to the 3 screws of the cover which gives access to the hall sensor

    4. The idea is not that the engine is completely bathed in oil, pour only 400ml of ATF oil into one of the 2 holes located on the right

    5. Repeat the previous steps in reverse order to close the motor

    6. Schedule an oil change approximately every year

  • More informations

    - Why ATF oil? Because it has a high flammability temperature and will not risk catching fire when the engine heats up.

    - Allows heat to be better transferred from the winding to the motor casing , the winding is insulated from the casing by plastic .

    - Several Sur-Ron riders have been testing this technique for several months now, notably Schneid To , an American cross-country rider who rides alongside thermal motorcycles. In France, Charlie Herbst, also a Dakar driver, now runs with oil and sees the benefits directly.

    - This practice remains recent and JWSHOP cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur following this operation.

    - Your engine warranty will probably be voided if you open your engine.

“A word from Charlie Herbst – Dakar Driver”

Well listen Will it's perfect : before in 5 laps on my circuit I had an engine overheating of my Light Bee , there I lowered 70% of the battery in one go and I had no loss of power power or cuts so great, thank you very much!