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WARP 9 Titanium Gripster

WARP 9 Titanium Gripster

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  • Description

    The gripster is a part that prevents punctures . It prevents the tire from spinning in the rim and tearing the valve from the inner tube. The Warp 9 gripster , in addition to being ultra light , can be installed on all rims , even the original ones (size 1.60").

  • Features

    - Titanium grispter axle

    - Forged aluminum body

    - 7075T6 aluminum nut and washer

    Weight: 1.60" (51g), 1.85" (57g), 2.15" (66g), 2.50" (77g), 3.00" (85g)

  • Strong points

    - The curved washer allows it to adapt to all rims

    - Very light

    - High quality finish

    - Carried out from design to finishing in the WARP 9 factory in the USA

"Jo & Will's Word"

After puncturing the inner tube numerous times due to the tire spinning in the rim, we installed the Warp 9 gripster . In 1.60", it adapts perfectly to the original rim.