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Tube of PEATY'S assembly grease (100 / 400g)

Tube of PEATY'S assembly grease (100 / 400g)

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  • Description

    Peaty's assembly grease uses the latest generation of base oils and additives to provide long-lasting , low friction performance under extreme loads.

    Meeting the ultimate OECD 301B biodegradability test, our assembly grease has high resistance to water washout, excellent anti-corrosion properties and adhesion to metal parts, while remaining compatible with most other conventional greases .

  • Instructions

    1. Completely degrease and dry the parts to be greased.

    2. To remove waterproof grease from bearings Use our Peaty's XXX Degreaser .

    3. Apply grease using a gloved finger, M15 threaded grease gun, or paintbrush.

    4. Reassemble the parts and wipe off any excess grease using a clean cloth.

  • Features and highlights

    - Packaging : Tube

    - Capacity : 400g

    - Protects against humidity and corrosion

    - Allow it maintain the proper functioning of moving parts such as bearings or axles .

    - Allows for smooth operation

"Jo & Will's Word"

We particularly appreciate our electric motorcycles and we take great care of them. Whether for the pleasure of the eyes, but also for the mechanics, it is important to keep motorcycles clean and maintained . Remember to lubricate your axles from time to time because certain parts are likely to rust if regularly exposed to water , snow or karcher .