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Regen TORP Thumb Trigger

Regen TORP Thumb Trigger

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Wiring harness is not included !

The Torp Thumb throttle is used for regenerative braking and reversing .

It is compatible with:


If you do not have a Torp harness with 5 connectors, please order the harness + trigger assembly here .

Torp's progressive thumb braking system is designed to provide an optimal braking experience on long descents , this system has significant benefits in terms of saving pads and discs .

This trigger allows users to efficiently recover energy , thereby helping to extend the battery of their SUR-RON or TALARIA.

Please note that optimal use of this feature requires updating the TORP application to its most recent version.


- The TC500 Quick Installation Manual

- The Display Torp Installation Manual

- The Complete TC500 Manual

Download the Torp app:

Téléchargez sur le Play Store Téléchargez sur l'App Store'

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