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HAYES Dominion A4 brakes (Pair)

HAYES Dominion A4 brakes (Pair)

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  • Description

    The Dominion Hayes A4 are among the brakes with the best quality/price/performance ratio . Perfectly suited to electric motorcycles , they have incredible braking power . These brakes offer you constant and efficient braking thanks to excellent heat resistance, giving total confidence for your long enduro outings or your numerous laps of the cross circuit.

  • Features

    - Fully CNC machined from aluminum

    - 4-piston steel caliper (4x17mm)

    - Weight: 620g per pair

    - Adjustment of lever clearance (distance)

    - DOT 5.1 brake fluid

    - Comes with a pair of metal pads and a pair of semi-metal pads.

  • Strong points

    - Great braking power (reduction of pain in the fingers or forearms)

    - Great resistance to heat (constant braking during use)

    - Linear braking (force applied to the lever proportional to the braking pressure)

    - Adjustable ergonomic levers (without tools)

    - Lifetime leak warranty covering master cylinder and caliper

"Jo's Word"

Having good braking is essential in order to feel safe . We installed high-end brakes so that you can brake as late as possible before a turn or attack all the way down a big descent without fear. I was really shocked by the braking power of the Dominion coming from the TRP, the feeling is really on/off and it suits my riding style well!