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WARP 9 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee Floating Brake Disc

WARP 9 / SUR-RON Ultra Bee Floating Brake Disc

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  • Description

    These Warp 9 discs are specially designed for the SUR-RON Ultra Bee . They are capable of withstanding high temperatures over long periods of time without deforming. The floating disc has two parts: The fret in the center is made of aluminum. It is light and very heat resistant. The braking track is made of stainless steel which is resistant to abrasion and has a long lifespan . Compatible with stock Ultra Bee wheels and Warp 9 Racing wheels for Ultra Bee.

  • Features

    - 3.2mm thick.

    - Warning : you must buy an adapter if you want to mount a 260mm disc on the front

    - 2-piece floating design

    - Stainless steel brake track
    - Black anodized aluminum fret
    - Blue stainless steel floating rivets

"Jo & Will's Word"

Having good braking is essential in order to feel safe . We installed high-end brake discs so that we can brake as late as possible before a turn or attack all the way down a big descent without fear of losing power due to the heating of the discs.