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Reinforced Transmission Belt / SUR-RON LIGHT BEE

Reinforced Transmission Belt / SUR-RON LIGHT BEE

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  • Description

    The reinforced Continental Contitech CXP belt is much more resistant than the original one. It offers great resistance to shocks, allowing you to ride more peacefully. In fact, CXP offers much better mechanical resistance for powerful high-speed transmissions.

  • Features

    - Reference : HTD 560 8M CXP

    - Width : ~16mm

  • Strong points

    -Extremely resistant

    - Made in Germany

    - Silent

"Jo & Will's Word"

If there is one consumable to always have in your bag , it is a spare belt, with a little experience and the Warp 9 tools in the backpack, you can change it in less than 20 minutes with the right technique! To last over time, the belt must be protected if possible, regularly cleaned , be at the correct tension and above all inspected to detect the slightest signs of breakage that small stones could cause.