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IXS Carve EVO+ elbow pads

IXS Carve EVO+ elbow pads

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  • Description

    The IXS Carve Evo + elbow pads are the most comfortable . The X-Matter™ foam will harden only during an impact in order to absorb the energy , this allows you to have a flexible and comfortable, but secure elbow pad. The excellent ergonomics of this pair of elbow pads will make you forget their presence in addition to having perfect support in the event of a fall.

  • Features

    - Color : Gray

    - Tightening Type : LoopLock Velcro Straps

    - Type of Protection : Soft

    - Aeromesh fabric

    - Removable X-Matter foam

    - 40% Polyester, 25% PU, 15% Nylon, 15% Kevlar and 5% EVA

    Safety certification : EN1621-1:1997

  • Strong points

    - X-Matter™ foam provides excellent comfort but protection in the event of a fall

    - Soft and breathable

    - The foam can be removed to be washed by hand and the fabric in the machine

    - Fastening with velcro straps

"Will's Word"

I have been riding the same pair of IXS Carve EVO+ for several years now and they are still in very good condition. I have a pair of elbow pads today that I can wear all day without any problem because they are super comfortable and breathable. They protect me perfectly in case of a fall (I took a bunch of them!). They are still in great condition since 2019, and I drive a lot!