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KO NANO / Talaria Sting controller (100% plug and play)

KO NANO / Talaria Sting controller (100% plug and play)

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  • Description

    Powerful. Simple. Plug & Play. The KO NANO is the controller with the best quality/price/performance ratio on the market. This means that it can be installed in 20 minutes on your Talaria Sting, calibrated and adjusted using a very ergonomic application while integrating perfectly with your motorcycle. Then give you a huge power gain with ease since this controller is capable of delivering up to 17kw of power. In addition, it is compatible with the original battery to get all its power from it. Please note, the installation of a controller aimed at increasing the performance of the machine renders the approval void and therefore driving on public roads is prohibited.

  • Features

    - Compatible with all Talaria Sting (3000 & 4000)

    - Compatible with 60 and 72V batteries (max voltage 84V )

    - Max power: 17Kw

    - Max phase current: 520A

    - Max current: 210A

    - Weight: approximately 2kg

    -Operating temperature: -25 to 80C°

    - Features: mobile application ( IOS and Android )
    - Protection class: IP67

    - Maximum efficiency: 98%

    - Fully compatible with the original harness and meter

  • Strong points

    - Very Powerful (more than 3 times the original power)

    - Hundreds of possibilities thanks to the settings in the application

    - 100% plug and play and very easy to install and use

    - Bluetooth communication and quick use with phone

    - Protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overheating

    - 100% compatible with the harness and original equipment

    - Regular firmware updates

    - Different regenerative braking and throttle modes

"Jo & Will's Word"

Coming soon... We will soon mount a Ko Nano on our Talaria Sting... But changing the controller means completely changing the bike and rediscovering riding . Imagine the power of a cross bike, but in only 60/70kg. Did you have perfect control of your machine? Hold on tight, because now you won't be stuck in the corner very often!