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EXT ARMA MX adjustment key

EXT ARMA MX adjustment key

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  • Description

    This key will allow you to easily adjust your EXT Arma MX shock absorber anywhere. You can install it with the key to your electric motorcycle so you can quickly have it at hand.

  • Features

    - Made of aluminum

    - Dimensions : 63 x 20 x 4 mm

    - Weight : 20 g

  • Strong points

    - The 4mm footprint allows adjustment of low speed compression and HBC

    - 13mm footprint allows adjustment of high-speed compression

    - Possibility to pass a key ring

"Jo & Will's Word"

This key always comes with me when I go out to change the settings of my EXT Arma MX shock absorber at any time. This saves me from having to carry a 4mm Allen key and a 13mm socket.