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19" Extra Reinforced Inner Tube DUNLOP 70/100-19 / E-MOTO

19" Extra Reinforced Inner Tube DUNLOP 70/100-19 / E-MOTO

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  • Description

    This Dunlop TR4 - Heavy 70/100-19 inner tube is designed for 19" rims . It is much thicker than classic inner tubes and is perfectly suited to enduro and MX riding.

    Delivered with cap and valve nuts.

  • Features

    - TR4 Standard (right valve)

  • Strong points

    - Designed for intensive practice in enduro and MX

    - Reinforced double thickness offering better resistance to punctures .

"Jo & Will's Word"

We quickly punctured with the original inner tubes and have since been very happy with the reinforced inner tubes which adapt perfectly to the Light Bee . Inflated to the right pressure, it will even withstand the weight of a motorcycle prepared for the roughest terrain. We advise not to go below 1.8 bar for enduro practice on rough terrain with the original tires .

For even less risk of punctures, we recommend the MX33 tire accompanied by a gripster .