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Bumpers Frame Protectors / SUR-RON Light Bee

Bumpers Frame Protectors / SUR-RON Light Bee

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  • Description

    The frame of the Sur-Ron Light Bee often rubs or hits the blocks that hold the engine . A violent impact can significantly deform the frame. Our 3D printed bumpers are intended to protect your frame and absorb shocks without breaking or deforming because they are printed in TPU with a high-end 3D printer in order to have the highest level of finish as well as a very high resistance to stress.

  • Features

    - Printed in TPU

    - Right and left protection

    - Allows the installation of an engine guard without any problem

  • Strong points

    - 100% compatible with all years of Sur-Ron Light Bee

    - Very high resistance to stress

    - Great resistance to humidity

    - 3D printing with a high level of finish

    - High resistance to bending

"Jo & Will's Word"

With our training in industrial design , we have always been doubtful about the different 3D printing available for the Light Bee. Print quality, resistance to stress, medium heat and humidity. We therefore decided to develop our own 3D printing range ourselves and to invest in a high-end, latest generation printer. The goal is to offer you pieces with the best rendering and the highest possible quality . After numerous trials and tests, we finally put our 3D prints at your disposal and we guarantee their solidity!

JW Shop carries out all 3D printing with a latest generation, high-end printer. However, this is FDM printing and therefore the presence of small aesthetic defects is possible.