Our goal is to help you get an idea of ​​all the electric motorcycles on the market in order to make the right choice and find the motorcycle that suits you.

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SUR-RON LightBee X

The Sur-Ron LightBee is the best-known lightweight electric motorcycle. A true compromise between a motorcycle and a bicycle, its lightness and maneuverability make it a very playful motorcycle. The almost unlimited customization of this motorcycle makes it very versatile. Touring motorcycle? Enduro? City, cross, trial, supermoto? It's up to you to decide.


Direct competitor of the Sur-Ron LightBee, one might think that this electric motorcycle is a simple copy but this is not the case. Transmission by cascading gears, slightly higher size, weight and power. The TALARIA Sting is not a revolution but it offers different things from its big sister.

TALARIA Sting TL4000

A motorcycle which on paper offers clear improvements compared to its big sister the TL3000 but also its direct competitor: the Sur-Ron Light Bee, which has changed little since its launch.
Are we finally facing the real Sur-Ron killer?

SUR-RON Ultra Bee

Lots of expectations for what we could call the revival of the Chinese brand with this motorcycle in a unique format taking up the lines of its big sister, the Light Bee.
Will it replace the latter or complete the range with a completely different machine?


This French company retrofits thermal to electric motocross with 2 power kits that can be mounted on many chassis.
So let's see what this silent Husqvarna has in its belly!

SUR-RON Storm Bee

Why do we see so few of them? Is it too heavy? Not powerful enough? Is it too far from the Sur-Ron DNA that made the brand successful?
Lots of mysteries that we will finally be able to try to elucidate by getting on this motorcycle for the first time.

BHR E-Race

The BHR E-Race is the electrified version of the BHR 300 R. Here, we find a real enduro motorcycle with big suspensions. Its great particularity is to offer a gearbox in an electric vehicle allowing it to maintain a high top speed while maintaining excellent autonomy. Here we are on a stable, efficient and powerful motorcycle. The perfect tool for enduro.


The LMX 161 MXR is a lightweight motocross machine built for competition. The weight/power ratio of this motorcycle is impressive since it weighs only 45 kg and its power is 9 Kw. LMX really offers a unique motorcycle in this segment since the 161 is equipped with a 26-inch wheel at the front giving it impressive lightness in the steering, but also great comfort. Indeed, this big wheel allows to absorb the obstacles present on the ground.