Essai de la moto tout terrain électrique Sur-Ron Ultra Bee

Testing the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee electric dirt bike

The world of electric off-road motorcycles is experiencing a revolution with the arrival of the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee . Eagerly awaited by enthusiasts, this motorcycle arouses enthusiasm and questions. In this article, we will take a close look at this novelty which promises to push the limits of the electric adventure.

The meeting with the Ultra Bee

The first impression is often the most lasting, and our encounter with the Ultra Bee is no exception. Welcomed with undisguised impatience, this electric all-terrain motorcycle exudes undeniable charm from the first glance.

Technical characteristics

The Sur-Ron Ultra Bee is a motorcycle that leaves no one indifferent. With its imposing size and impressive electrical performance, it stands out in several aspects:

Power and autonomy

With a peak power of 12.5 kW, this electric beast offers performance that leaves no doubt as to its capabilities on the most demanding terrains. Its autonomy, announced at 90 km at top speed, makes it an ideal companion for off-road adventures.

Quality of finish and ergonomics

The Sur-Ron Ultra Bee doesn't just perform on paper. Its quality of finish and careful ergonomics make it a real pleasure to drive. From the long saddle to the well-sized suspensions, every detail has been designed to provide an optimal driving experience.

Security and technology

Safety is not left out with the Ultra Bee. Equipped with ABS, Action Control and other safety features, it inspires confidence even in the most delicate situations. In addition, its intuitive application makes it easy to customize settings and monitor performance in real time.

First impressions on the ground

But what about its actual performance? The first field tests were conclusive, but also revealed some points for improvement.

Maneuverability and comfort

In the field, the Ultra Bee behaves with ease, but its imposing size can sometimes be surprising. While its handling remains excellent overall, we noted a real advantage for the Light Bee or Talaria Sting in tight turns.

Braking and suspension

The Ultra Bee's brakes and suspensions are praised for their efficiency and robustness. However, some adjustments could be considered to improve comfort on rough terrain.

Autonomy and performance

Regarding autonomy, the Ultra Bee keeps its promises, but it is always possible to consider improvements to push the limits of the electric adventure even further.

Field test and feedback

The impressions collected during field testing provide valuable insight into the Ultra Bee's real-world performance. Jo & Will noted several aspects of interest:

Drivetrain: Compared to the Light-Bee, the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee has a similar drivetrain setup, with a driveshaft and belt on one side, which could influence the ride and sound of the bike. Chain kits could generate more noise than the belt, but while improving robustness.

Comparison with other models: Jo & Will compared the riding experience of the Ultra Bee to that of other electric motorcycles, including the Light Bee. They expressed a preference for the maneuverability and lightweight feel of the Light Bee, but appreciated the more powerful performance of the Ultra Bee. Differences were observed in how each motorcycle reacted in tight cornering or jumping situations.

Comfort and handling: On varied terrain, from technical climbs to fast descents, Jo & Will evaluated the Ultra Bee's handling and comfort. They appreciated the motorcycle's ability to withstand shocks and stay the course on rolling sections. Suspension and geometry adjustments could be considered to optimize performance in different environments.

Battery performance: Despite demanding test conditions, with steep climbs and technical sections, the Ultra Bee's battery demonstrated satisfactory autonomy. However, Jo & Will noted excess energy consumption in situations with intense traction or very rough terrain, which could influence actual mileage on long rides.


In conclusion, the field test of the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee highlighted its qualities and areas for improvement. With its impressive electric power, its meticulous finish quality and its potential to push the limits of off-road adventure, this motorcycle promises an exciting driving experience for electric adventurers. However, suspension, drivetrain and ergonomic adjustments may be necessary to meet varying user expectations and optimize performance in various driving conditions. Ultimately, the Ultra Bee represents a significant evolution in the field of electric dirt bikes and is worth further exploring by electric adventure enthusiasts.

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