Découverte de la Fourche EXT Ferro USD 36

Discovery of the EXT Ferro Fork USD 36

Welcome to Jo & Will. Today, we are going to discover a novelty in the world of suspension for light electric motorcycles, the EXT Ferro USD 36 fork, all while exploring the intense sensation of a DH descent.


Imagine yourself on a downhill DH course, with your TALARIA Sting or SUR-RON Light Bee, ready to tackle the obstacles that come your way.

This is exactly the experience we had recently, with total immersion in the world of electric and thermal motocross.


We had the opportunity to test a long-awaited fork, the famous EXT Ferro USD 36.

This fork has been rumored for over a year, and we couldn't wait to finally check it out.

Technical Characteristics

The EXT Ferro USD 36 is an air fork, making it lighter than traditional spring models.
With its two positive air chambers and one negative chamber, it offers unrivaled versatility in terms of adjustments.

The Field Test

Once installed on our motorcycles, we immediately felt the difference.
The stiffness and solidity of the fork were immediately noticeable, providing a feeling of control and confidence on the most demanding terrain.

The weak spots

Of course, no fork is perfect.
We noticed some small flaws, such as the lack of a hose guide for the brake hose, as well as its relatively high weight compared to other models on the market.

The strong points

What impressed us the most was the fork's sensitivity to small shocks and its behavior when jumping.
Even in the most extreme conditions, it held its own to offer us an unrivaled driving experience.


In conclusion, the EXT Ferro USD 36 is undoubtedly one of the best forks we have tested so far.
Its price may seem steep, but for motocross enthusiasts looking for performance and reliability, it's worth every penny.

Where to find the EXT Ferro USD 36?

If you are interested in purchasing this revolutionary fork, you can find it in our online shop .
Don't miss this opportunity to transform your motocross experience and push your limits on the terrain.

Stay informed

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We are currently preparing a comprehensive video to explain in detail how this fork works and how to optimize it for your own needs.


In conclusion, the EXT Ferro USD 36 is a real revolution in the world of electric and thermal motocross.
With its exceptional performance and unfailing durability, it is ready to conquer the most difficult slopes.
So, what are you waiting for, get yours and enjoy an unforgettable driving experience?

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