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Peaty's PT17 General Maintenance Lubricant Spray (400 / 750ml)

Peaty's PT17 General Maintenance Lubricant Spray (400 / 750ml)

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  • Description

    PEATY'S PT17 lubricant is a very versatile spray , essential to have in the workshop! It will be useful to you on many parts of your motorcycle. It expels moisture to prevent corrosion and provides a thin film of lubricant in an active and long-lasting manner. This product is extremely effective on small mechanisms and provides effective protection against humidity and corrosion.

  • Features

    Packaging : Aerosol

    Capacity : 400 ml or 750 ml

    Product Type : General maintenance

    ! Do not use on brakes and tires !

  • Strong points

    - 400 ml or 750 ml

    - Cleaner and lubricant

    - Very practical for protecting and lubricating the transmission, small mechanisms, bearings and screws against corrosion

    - Can be used on mechanical parts, paint, rubber, plastic and carbon

"Jo & Will's Word"

We particularly appreciate our electric motorcycles and we take great care of them. Whether for the pleasure of the eyes, but also for the mechanics, it is important to keep motorcycles clean and maintained.