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Front Wheel 4.50 / SUR-RON Light Bee & Talaria Sting

Front Wheel 4.50 / SUR-RON Light Bee & Talaria Sting

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Manufacturing time: 3 to 4 weeks.

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  • Description

    The 4.50 wheels will allow you to take any trail or attack any cross track without fearing for them. They are very resistant and rigid. Their customization is almost infinite with a wide choice of colors and sizes , you will inevitably find a combination that suits you.

    Their unique coating called FUEL is an ultra-resistant chemical treatment , more resistant than anodizing .

    On new wheels, the spokes should ALWAYS be tightened after the first riding session.

  • Features

    - Hubs made from a single piece of aluminum alloy and machined on the latest CNC machines.

    - Reinforced and specially designed straps made from 7050 series aircraft grade aluminum.

    - 4mm thick spokes made from a special stainless steel up to 30% stronger than the original spokes.

    - The gray spoke heads are made of stainless steel, the others are made of anodized aluminum.

    - Bearings and oil seals supplied

    - ATTENTION : only original type discs and crowns can be fitted and the KKE disc protector is not compatible.

  • Strong points

    - Very high resistance to stress

    - Great rigidity

    - The 4.50 wheels are perfect for intensive sports use

    - Almost unlimited customization

    - High quality finish

    - Assemblies in France near Angers

"Jo & Will's Word"

4.50 WHEELS rims are assembled by hand in France in their workshops near Angers and design complete rims for most motocross models. Their range of rims was created for competition and the most demanding uses, which is why we trust them to equip SUR-RONs !