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SPANK Split Stem

SPANK Split Stem

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  • Description

    The Spank Split stem will offer you the best quality/performance ratio. Its great rigidity allows very precise and safe steering. You can adjust your riding position using the wide choice of length available. Its very short length gives a very pleasant position , whether you are sitting or standing on the motorcycle.

  • Features

    Material : Aluminum

    Angle : 0°

    Handlebar Diameter : 31.8mm

    Steerer Diameter : 1"1/8

  • Strong points

    - High resistance to stress

    - High precision machining to obtain the best weight/stiffness ratio

    - High quality finish

    - Anodized surface to increase durability

    - Many colors available

Direct Mount stems compatible with light electric motorcycles are developed for cycling. During a fall, the stem screws may break and damage the threads of your fork's triple clamp. We recommend the use of a standard stem, in the event of a fall, the cockpit will be able to rotate and limit the risk of breakage. (lever, screws, fork, etc.).

"Jo & Will's Word"

You might not think about it, but a shorter stem brings the cockpit closer to you and then straightens your position on the bike. In addition, a short and rigid stem allows for more precise and secure riding.