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Titanium Swinging Arm Axle 4.50 / SUR-RON Light Bee

Titanium Swinging Arm Axle 4.50 / SUR-RON Light Bee

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  • Description

    The 4.50 titanium swingarm axle is designed to handle the biggest shocks. It is intended to replace the original one on your SUR-RON Light Bee and which twists regularly. If you are used to pushing your motorcycle to its limits : this is the axle you need.

  • Features

    - GR5 aeronautical titanium axle

    - 14mm nut

    - Much more resistant than the original steel axle

    - 45% lighter than the original axle

    - Will not rust or corrode

  • Strong points

    - Anodizing and anti-friction treatment

    - High resistance to stress

    - Extremely light

"Jo & Will's Word"

The 4.50 swingarm axle is one of the parts that allows you to ride without having to worry about breaking the original ones and risking damaging the frame of your SUR-RON Light Bee. If you are used to doing jumps or riding very hard in enduro, this axle is essential .