Test de la moto tout-terrain électrique Talaria Sting TL4000

Talaria Sting TL4000 electric off-road motorcycle review

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Today we dive into the world of electric enduro with the review of Talaria's Sting TL4000 .


Electric enduro is booming, offering an ecological and quiet alternative to motorsports enthusiasts.
In this ever-changing world, the Talaria Sting TL4000 stands out as a promising option, and we had the opportunity to put it to the test in a variety of conditions.
The TL4000 piqued our interest from the start because of its unique features and potential for improvement.
Designed to offer exceptional performance and versatility, this electric motorcycle promises an extraordinary driving experience.

Technical Characteristics

The TL4000 is equipped with an original electric motor producing 8 kW of power. This power is powered by a 60-volt, 45-amp battery, providing appreciable range for off-road adventures.
During our tests on different terrains, the TL4000 proved to be an agile and efficient machine.
With 220mm brakes front and rear, it offers powerful and responsive braking, even in the most demanding conditions.

Field Performance

The TL4000 is equipped with quality Talaria Factory suspension, providing good driving comfort on rough terrain.
Although we found the fork to be a little stiff in some situations, overall it was effective at absorbing shock and maintaining stability.
The TL4000's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable driving position, while the intuitive dashboard provides a friendly user interface.
However, we noted some small drawbacks, such as the lack of handlebar guards and compression adjustments on the suspension.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Overall, Talaria's TL4000 represents an attractive option for electric enduro enthusiasts looking for a versatile and capable machine.
With its impressive features and potential for improvement, this electric motorcycle promises an unforgettable riding experience on any terrain.
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In conclusion, the test of the Talaria Sting TL4000 confirmed its status as a promising machine in the world of electric enduro as well as a serious competitor to the SUR-RON Light Bee. Equipped with solid technical characteristics, it offers remarkable performance on a variety of terrains. Despite some small drawbacks, its versatility and ride comfort make it an attractive option for environmentally conscious motorsports enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing how Talaria continues to innovate in this area and hope that the TL4000 will pave the way for exciting new advancements in the world of electric enduro.

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