SUR-RON Ultra Bee : Enduro dans la Neige - Test et Modifications Indispensables

SUR-RON Ultra Bee: Enduro in the Snow - Test and Essential Modifications

In our latest adventure with the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee , we undertook modifications to improve its enduro performance, while maintaining a reasonable budget approach.
With cosmetic tweaks, mechanical upgrades, and field testing, see how this electric motorcycle performed in snow conditions and varied terrain.

From Aesthetic Modifications to Mechanical Improvements

From the start, we sought to improve the appearance of our Ultra Bee while strengthening its capabilities in the field.
A custom graphics kit was added to hide the original green frame, while frame protectors were installed to preserve the integrity of the bike during enduro racing.
Additionally, adjustments such as filing the toe clips have been made to improve comfort and functionality.

Performance Improvements

One of the most significant upgrades was the replacement of the stock front wheel with a 21-inch wheel , providing increased stability and control over varied terrain.
Combined with Dunlop MX34 tires renowned for their grip and durability, this modification significantly improved the bike's handling and traction in harsh conditions.

Preparation of Suspensions

To further enhance enduro performance, we had the suspensions prepared by Goby Racing .
This modification added sensitivity and hydraulic support, ensuring effective shock absorption and better handling on rough terrain.

TC 1000: A Promising Powerful Controller

Although installing the Torp TC1000 is not essential, it offers significant benefits in terms of power and control.
This promising controller helps optimize motorcycle performance, providing increased power and more efficient battery management, especially in harsh riding conditions like snow and enduro.


With its aesthetic and mechanical modifications, our Ultra Bee has been transformed into a versatile and high-performance enduro machine, perfectly suited to the varied conditions encountered on the terrain.
Whether in the snow or on winding paths, this electric motorcycle offers an exceptional riding experience, combining power, control and durability for enduro enthusiasts looking for thrilling adventures.

Stay tuned for more updates on our adventures with the Sur-ron Ultra Bee and other exciting projects coming to JWSHOP!

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