Découverte épique : Test de la Stark Varg Varg - 60 chevaux contre 80

Epic discovery: Stark Varg Varg test - 60 horses versus 80

Today, we're diving into a rather special test: the Stark Varg Varg . But not just one, no, two! With different powers, 60 horsepower versus 80. This is a memorable moment for us, because this electric motocross bike is reputed to be the most powerful in the world. His name is on everyone's lips right now, attracting everyone's attention.

The day promises to be exciting. We planned to test both configurations, with the added bonus of a motocross track reserved for us by the Ternond motorcycle club. A big thank you to them for this opportunity. The only downside: it's a little cold, but that won't stop us.

We decided to acquire the 60 horsepower version to start, just to familiarize ourselves with the beast. But Mobeshop generously lent us the 80 horsepower version for the occasion. Mobeshop is a trusted partner, specializing in electric urban and off-road mobility. A big thank you to them for their support.

Before we set off on the trail, a few precautions are necessary. New suspensions may be a little stiff, and the cold can affect battery performance. In addition, we must remain vigilant with the original inner tubes, which seem fragile. But nothing will stop us in our quest to find out what these machines are really worth.

Once on the track, we began our tests with the 60 horsepower version. The power is smooth at start-up, but it quickly reveals itself in the field. Even at 30 horsepower, the bike surprised us with its handling and dynamism. Gradually, we increased the horsepower, going from 40 to 50, then to 60 horsepower. At each stage, we felt a palpable difference, but we found a good compromise around 50 horsepower for our level.

The 80 horsepower version, for its part, offers a completely different experience. With dazzling acceleration, it allowed us to explore the limits of our skills. We quickly realized that this power was more suited to experienced riders, but we still enjoyed the adrenaline it provided.

We also noticed differences in the bike's handling on the terrain. Despite a solid chassis, the shock felt too stiff at times, especially on jumps and in rough sections. This made us realize the importance of adjustments to optimize the performance of the bike.

As for the brakes, we noticed some limitations with the Formula lever for the rear brake. This led us to consider replacement options, perhaps with a Brembo lever for a better feeling of control.

The question of autonomy and charging time was also addressed. Despite our initial fears, we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly the battery charged, even at the higher capacity. However, we plan to conduct more in-depth testing in real-world use to evaluate the motorcycle's real-world range.

Finally, we discussed the future prospects for the Stark Varg Varg, especially regarding customization options and possible improvements to be made. With potential competitors emerging in the market, it will be interesting to see how Stark Varg continues to stand out and evolve.

In conclusion, our experience with the Stark Varg Varg was both exhilarating and educational. Although it presents some challenges, particularly in terms of settings and handling on the terrain, it offers impressive potential for electric motocross enthusiasts. We look forward to continuing to explore its capabilities and sharing our discoveries with you in our upcoming videos.

Stay tuned for more adventures and exciting product tests!

See you soon on the track!

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