Le Défi Électrique : SUR-RON Ultra Bee 30kw contre Stark Varg 40 CV

The Electric Challenge: SUR-RON Ultra Bee 30kw against Stark Varg 40 HP

The excitement was palpable on the motocross circuit as Jo & Will prepared for an electric duel between the SURRON Ultra Bee and the Stark Varg .
Armed with their experience and passion for electric off-roading, they were ready to push the limits of off-road performance.

Preparation: Technical Discussion

Before hitting the track, the pilots exchanged their recent experiences in Stark Varg or Ultra Bee .
At the motorcycle show in Lyon in particular, they were prepared to face the tight turns and daring jumps of the circuit.

The Challenge Begins: On the Track

From the first laps of the track, they were confronted with tight turns, spectacular jumps and, above all, unpredictable ruts.
The Ultra Bee's well-tuned suspension and Stark Varg's handling made it easy to navigate through the circuit.

Experience Exchange: Continuous Learning

Throughout the day, other riders shared our thoughts on the performance of their electric motorcycles.
From suspension settings to driving feel, every lap was an opportunity to learn and improve.

Conclusion: A Memorable Day

As the day drew to a close, the pilots debriefed with satisfaction the challenges faced and the progress made.
Whether on the Ultra Bee or the Stark Varg, one thing was clear: the electric adventure at the motocross circuit offers an unforgettable experience, filled with strong emotions and moments of pure adrenaline.

Upcoming Event: E-Track Day

Finally, they took the opportunity to announce the upcoming event: the E-Track Day , July 13 and 14 at the MX Activities in Sichamps.
A unique opportunity to ride on a motocross and supercross track, with personalized coaching from Jimmy Piot.
Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to try out the MobeShop Ampera and Stark Varg.
An experience not to be missed for all electric off-road riding enthusiasts.

This ends a day full of challenges and discoveries on the motocross circuit.
Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a technology enthusiast, electric adventure awaits you on the track.
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